Wednesday, December 5, 2018

10 Years

driving So 10 years ago today I launched this blog with the above photo and this text:
"My new blog - about photography. I'm going to try and post a picture everyday....and write some other stuff."
I didn't ever quite keep up with my goal of one post everyday but I did always work to find something new to post - a new technique, camera, film, place etc. Through that process I ended up learning and growing a ton as a photographer.

The original banner. The blog went though a number of design changes.
Alchemist's Ball
I used to make fun of myself for all the time I would put into this blog - I knew it was making me better but still it took a decent amount of work after I would get home from my day job.
Then I made the post that contained the above photo. It was from Land of Plenty's 'Alchemist Ball'. A little while later I got a phone call from a designer who was at the event. He said he saw my blog and needed a photographer for a few gigs. That relationship ended up putting me in business full time and we still work together. I remember saying to myself, "all the hours put into this project finally paid off".
Anyways - I'm proud of a lot of the work on here, some of it makes me cringe - but in the long run it has lead to my dream job....and I don't delete anything as it is interesting to look back on my development as a photographer(and maybe as a person?).

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Tim Fitzwater said...

I originally started blogging on Myspace a few years before this - I wish I had saved those in some way. Then I had a few version of a blog that I used to write all the html for before switching to this blog on blogger - I kind of wish I had saved those too.