Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Genuine Article

Micah Kraus's artwork is featured on three different versions of the cover of the three year anniversary issue Devil Strip. I was lucky to be able to shoot photographs of him in his West Akron studio for the accompanying article. I hauled all of my lighting gear over there but his studio was so well lit that I only ended up adding a little bit of fill by bouncing my on-camera flash. You can pick up The Devil Strip all around town but you can also click HERE to see the digital version of the article.

The first shot on the blog is a portrait with my 85mm lens - this is from the same spot but taken with my 35mm.

Action shot.

A man and his dog.

A couple shots of the space.

1 comment:

Micah Kraus said...

Looks great! Thanks again Tim - twas a fun night.