Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cincinnati, OH

On Sunday and Monday I traveled to Cincinnati to document a Torchbearers' trip. Cincy is the only city of any size in Ohio that I had never been to and it had never really been on my list of priorities. I think my view may have been colored from hearing friends who were going to college there in the late 90's being told not to step off of campus. Whether that was ever true or not it certainly isn't today. I was super impressed by the city and by the people working to make it even better(I will post more about those "people" and the TB activities later - this is my "pretty pictures post").

Cincinnati River Front
Looking from the riverfront back towards downtown. We were told the riverfront used to be pretty junky - it is really beautiful now - with bike paths, landscaping and tasteful development.
Great American Ball Park
Great American Ballpark - this is the view from Morlein Lager House where we had diner on Sunday.
This is a view from the other side of Morlein - looking at the Ohio River.
Music Hall
Music Hall - a stunningly beautiful building - I'd love to see the inside. It is currently closed for a 60 million dollar renovation.
Findlay Market
"Findlay Market" - a Civil War era structure.
Findlay Market
Bustling - even on a Sunday.
Findlay Market
Inside the market.
Findlay Market
Over The Rhine
This is across the street from the Market - which is in the Over The Rhine Neighborhood. This historic district has the highest concentration of 1800's buildings in the country. Block after block of historic beauty. Its fun just to walk around and take it in.
Cool buildings in "OTR".
Dry Cleaner
Next time I'm back in Cincy I bet these will be hip shops or nice restaurants.
More OTR.
Washington Park
"Washington Park" Not only is this a great public space(Music Hall is right behind me) but it is also the roof of a parking deck. It is so smart to bury the decks - plus there would be no good parking in a neighborhood that was never designed for cars.
Quick beer in Washington Park.
Washington Park
"Beer Garden"
Lagering Tunnels
An old beer lagering tunnel underneath Union Hall.
"Up on the Roof"
Taft's Ale House
"Taft's Ale House" the beer here was fantastic. There are also three bars - one in the mezzanine with living room-like chill spots, the main one pictured, a another one down in the basement with more of a "just a bar" feel.
Taft's Ale House
"Tap Handles"
Taft's Ale House
A delicious sour ale.
One of the 101 public murals ArtWorks has sponsored. It was really nice seeing these all over the city.
Reflection Selfie
"Reflection Selfie"
More soon in "Part II".

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