Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cleveland Ride

Yesterday these three gentlemen and myself decided to ride from the Northside Station in Akron to the West 25th area in Cleveland. We ride every Wednesday night and had been talking about making this ride happen all Summer. The other guys took some great cell phone photos/video and posted them to instagram. You can check out our Summer of riding by searching the hash tag #RubberCityRatz.

We first stopped at the Farmer's Market it Howe Meadow to get caffeinated by fellow #rubbercityrat Albert - and his Akron Coffee Roaster partner Tim.

Waiting for coffee.

At this point you have to leave the trail for a while - we were mapping out our route to West 25th.


Rat Rest

Woody at Nano Brew Cleveland.

Michael at Nano Brew

Hard earned hefeweizens.

Michael and Ryan - we walked over to the Townhall for lunch.


We realized that we had spent a little too much time eating and drinking in Cleveland - if we were going to catch the train 10 miles away at the Rockside station. We definitely didn't want to ride all the way back home. It was the hardest 10 miles of my life - giving it everything I had - full of beer and food. But we did make it - last guys on the train.

Michael wasn't getting on the train - he was moving to Toronto the next day. We had an old fashioned goodbye at the tracks.


"Charter Members"

Did you know the train is air conditioned and they sell beer? We thought we had died on the Towpath and went to heaven.

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