Monday, March 16, 2015

Heavy Flow

Dam @ The Gorge Yesterday I walked on the Highbridge side of The Gorge and snapped a few pictures - the dam was so intense though that I decided I had to head back over there today with my tripod and shoot some photos from the other side. Nothing I haven't done before - but it was still worth it. Even in the drizzle there were a lot of people out snapping cell phone photos of the heavy flow from the snow melt. The noise was intense. The only thing better would be if the dam was removed and we could see that water crashing over the actual Cuyahoga Falls...

Dam @ The Gorge II
1/2000 of a second exposure
Heavy Flow II
"From the Top"
Highbridge Trail
"Cliff Hugger"
High Level Bridge
Plaque on High Level Bridge

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