Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fat Head's Brewery and Saloon

Cask Conditioned Head Hunter
Last night Laura and I went out for beers and diner at Fat Head's Brewery and Saloon in North Olmsted. Their beer has a great reputation so its a place that we have been wanting to get to for a while - and it did not disappoint. We had almost an hour wait to get a table but it didn't bother us because we had a few beers in the bar area - many times when you try to do this at a crowded restaurant you always feel like you are in the way - but not at Fat Head's - the bar area is very large with plenty of places to sit and plenty of room to stand if you would have too. When we did get a table we were amazed at how large the rest of the place was - not to mentioned all the brew kettles and fermenters in the front. The food and beer were awesome - Laura had a pulled pork sammy and I had a prime rib burrito.
I also found out tonight that the building used to be a produce market that my parents have been to and my Grandma used to shop at regularly(my Grandma always used to buy us these great apple fritters and apparently this was where they were from).
These photos are also a testament to the power of Camera Raw 7(in Photoshop CS6) - they look so much better than they would have using the older versions. It becomes real evident in the high ISO shots. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of adjustment of the 'clarity' and 'vibrance' sliders to make the photo really pop and come to life. I've said this here before, this new Photoshop makes me feel like I've bought a new camera.
The Food - cask conditioned Head Hunter IPAs in the glasses. Decision Time 
Decision Time 
Fat Head's 
From the Outside 
Gogglefogger Hefeweizen 
Gogglefogger Hefeweizen

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