Monday, June 20, 2011

Canoeing the Allegheny Part I

Kyle and Kristi
I can't imagine anything in life that can be more relaxing than floating down a river beer in hand - and that is exactly how I spent Saturday and Sunday. Laura, Kyle, Kristi and I(below) drove to the Allegheny National Forest and rented canoes from Indian Waters for a 27 mile trip. They drove us up to the Kinzua Dam where we hit the water, canoed, and then made camp on an island.
Group Shot
The dilemma on these trips is always about what to do for a camera. Two days of drinking on a river can obviously be a photographer's worst nightmare. In years past I had always brought a cheap, film point and shoot. This year I knew I needed more fire-power to be happy - so I brought my Canon Rebel XT in a freezer bag and then put it in a holster camera bag - just enough protection so that it could be snagged out of the river before any damage(hopefully)but still at the ready enough to capture a moment.  
I think the next time I go I might find a water tight tupperware-style container and bring my Canon 7D.
Laura and KristiKyle and Nature

Docked for a break.
Flea market purchased percolater at the campsite Sunday morning. My first truly succesful camping-coffee.
The Campsite in Morning
United Refining CompanyKinzua Dam
Some of the sights...

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