Saturday, October 9, 2010

Last Load 2010

Corn Crew
Today we picked the last load of sweet corn for the season at Szalay's Farm. The 'last load' day is always a big one - long , hard hours go into corn season and its always a proud moment and a relief to be done. The above photo is of Johnny Szalay, me, and Dave Gottas - the full time 7 day a week corn crew. Below is the whole Saturday crew.
Last Load 2010

End of the Line
Johnny picking the last little bit.
Lady and the Tramp
Dave and Katie doing their "Lady and the Tramp".
John and Paula Szalay
John and Paula Szalay.
ProudPeace in the Valley Again
Me driving in the last load/Dave grabbing the last scare-away gun.

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