Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Waiting

The Waiting
It was another long day at City Hospital. Being the photo geek I am I have an urge to try and capture every moment and some of its emotion. There is no other way to put it - I feel like we are sitting around waiting for my Grandma to die. I don't just feel that way - this is in fact what we are doing. They moved her to palliative care today, which means treating the pain - no longer attempting to cure, (seems to me the same thing as hospice).

"more frailer than the flowers these precious hours that keep us so tightly bound.
you come to my eyes like a vision from the skies and i'll be with you when the deal goes down." - dylan

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TimJayFitz said...

That is my Dad, Mom, and Sister in the background. I was downing another cup of coffee to try and keep my eyes open - sleep hasn't come easy the last few nights....