Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Body Type

New Body Type
Even though I like to take photos of just about everything I especially enjoy shooting portraits(so thats the perspective I'm coming from with the following thoughts).
Lately as I read my daily dose of photography blogs and check out flickr streams I've been thinking about photography "style" ....meaning I've really started to notice the style of certain photographers I like - to the point where I can tell a photo by an individual before I see there name attached to it. It got my wondering about my personal style and if I have developed something kind of distinct. Soooo...I was checking Facebook yesterday and came across a photo I took of a band that one of the members posted on their profile - there was a comment on the shot by someone I didn't know, "looks like a TimFitz...I'm a fan of vivid, contrasty images". "Vivid contrasty images" - I'll take that.
I don't ever want to be completely pigeon-holed or stop experimenting and trying new things - but it is nice to have a photograph of mine recognized without my name on it. I think its part of my growth and development as a photographer.
Anyways - this is a photo of New Body Type that I took Saturday night in the basement of the Matinee. They are having a CD release party this coming Saturday there(and the CD will feature a photo from this shoot).

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