Monday, November 16, 2009

Shapes of Things

Towpath Bridge
This is a photo of the newish Towpath Bridge over the Akron Innerbelt. I hadn't hiked in the Cascade Locks area since they built the bridge. I used to love hiking down there when they had the old trail on the other side of the canal. I shot a roll of film here with my Minolta XG1 right before they put the towpath in, but I accidentally exposed it - which still annoys me when I go there.

I think that the cool shadows and shapes in the photo stand out more in black and white. I was also inspired to do some B&W by Mencken's last post.

My girlfriend was with me and she decide to show off her gymnastic abilities, you can check out that photo here. Kyle also took some photos of the bridge a while back when it was still under construction. You can take a peak at those too.

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