Monday, June 29, 2009

Munroe Falls

On Saturday Kyle, a group of friend and I went to Munroe Falls Metro Park. We cooked some burgers, hot dogs and sausage, went for a couple swims, threw the football around and mixed up a few "special" drinks. We talked about how it felt like a mini-vacation and what a good use of a beautiful weekend day it was. In my opinion you have to do a few things like this over the summer to earn the right to complain when its 5 degrees out with ten inches of snow on the ground.
Its easy to forget that we have places like this around to go and enjoy.
Gabe and KyleMunroe FallsTiffany
Since we get asked a lot here if we "enhance" or "photoshop" our photos I figured I explain a few things I did to this one of Kyle.
First I cropped it in a little bit(to 5 by 7). I turned up the saturation and vibrance to make the greens and blues pop more and then balanced the color to make it look more natural. Since I used the flash I had to darken the grill to make it more black instead of the more blown out grey that it looked at first. I turned up the overall contrast a bit and then added some sharpening. Last I converted it from a tiff to a jpeg and uploaded it to flickr.

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